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Valeria Aloe on How We Can Transform Our Mindsets and Rise Together..

Meet Valeria Aloe, author of Uncolonized Latinas; Transforming our mindsets and Rising Together. Valeria was born in Argentina, after getting her business degree, she came to the US to get her Masters degree from Dartmouth University. Today Valeria possesses over 20 years of experience in finance, marketing and business development, and is also a public speaker

In the book Uncolonized Latinas we are presented to an unprecedented and detailed map of the Latino mindset and what is holding the community back from reaching its full potential. Along the way we meet Latina immigrants and daughters of immigrants who, through trials and tribulations, have decolonized their limiting mindsets and found success in their lives and careers.

This book guides us to:

Embrace our individual and collective greatness, as we honor our histories and our ancestry.

To be more aware of the limiting cultural narratives that have been driving us.

As a Latina, thrive in your career and life from a place of self-esteem, while learning from those Latinas who figured out how to navigate the system.

As an ally, feel confident and be more effective when mentoring diverse talents.

Through this journey we learn how to experience a change that transforms: opening our hearts, minds and eyes.

I end this invitation with a phrase from Vale Aloe Latin sisters: we are the best kept secret in the history of the United States. Welcome home“.

If you want to know more about this Latina who inspires and fills us with pride, you can visit her website where you will find more about her and her work http://valealoe.com/ y https://linktr.ee/valealoe

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