FASO Breakdown – The Power of Saftey and Security in the Workplace: How it Boosts Mental Health and Wellness – and Revenue too

There’s a growing recognition of the critical connection between workplace security and employee mental health. I’ve personally witnessed the transformative impact of creating a secure and empowering environment for employees in my own business. It was easier to do than I thought, too.

S is for safety

In the FASO model in All In, I explain how Fit, Ability, Safety, and Ownership create unstoppable teams. In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s shake things up and start with a dive into what Saftey- physical, emotional, and financial – does for your employees. Not only will it strengthen your business, but the health of those who serve it, too.

The foundation of workplace security and safety

Workplace security goes beyond physical safety; it encompasses a sense of stability, belonging, and confidence in one’s abilities within the organization. Here are some key aspects of workplace security:

  1. Job security: Employees who feel secure in their jobs are more likely to be engaged and focused. When job security is uncertain, stress levels can rise, impacting mental health negatively. Businesses that prioritize stable employment relationships create a more supportive environment
  2. Skill development: Investing in employees’ professional growth not only enhances their skills but also boosts their confidence. Knowing that their organization is committed to helping them thrive fosters a sense of security in their career development.
  3. Supportive leadership: Strong, empathetic leadership plays a pivotal role in creating a secure work environment. Leaders who listen, provide constructive feedback, and genuinely care about their team members’ well-being contribute significantly to mental health.
  4. The Impact on mental health: Now, let’s delve into how fostering workplace security can positively influence employee mental health:
  5. Reduced stress and anxiety: When employees feel secure in their jobs, they worry less about sudden layoffs or unexpected changes. This reduced stress can lead to lower anxiety levels, improved focus, and better overall mental health.
  6. Increased confidence: Providing opportunities for skill development and recognition helps employees build confidence in their abilities. A confident employee is more likely to face challenges with resilience and less likely to experience self-doubt.
  7. Enhanced job satisfaction: A secure workplace fosters job satisfaction. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to take pride in their work and enjoy their roles, which has a direct positive impact on mental well-being.
  8. Greater resilience: A sense of security at work builds emotional resilience. Employees are better equipped to handle setbacks, adapt to change, and bounce back from challenges when they feel secure and supported in their roles.

The role of small business in mental health

As small business owners, we have a unique opportunity to create a close-knit and secure workplace culture. Now let’s delve into how fostering workplace security can positively influence employee mental health:

  1. Open communication: Foster an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns and ideas. Regular check-ins and team meetings can provide platforms for open dialogue.
  2. Invest in training: Offer training and development programs that help employees enhance their skills and grow within the organization.
  3. Recognition and appreciation: Acknowledge and celebrate employees’ achievements and contributions. Feeling valued goes a long way in creating job security.
  4. Lead by example: As business owners and leaders, set the tone by demonstrating empathy, resilience, and a commitment to employee well-being.

The importance of workplace security cannot be overstated. It is not just a business strategy; it’s a humane approach that serves both the organization and its employees. By prioritizing job security, skill development, and supportive leadership, we can create workplaces where mental health thrives, and our teams flourish. Remember, a secure workforce is a resilient and empowered one, ready to tackle any challenge that comes its way.

Wishing you health and wealth always, 


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