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The Grand Mercedes 600 W100 An Automotive Benchmark For Over 17 Years From 1963 To 1981

The Mercedes-Benz 600 was introduced in September 1964, and was offered in four different body variants. Initially, there was the standard saloon with a wheelbase of 3,200 millimetres, as well as the elongated Pullman Saloon with a wheelbase of 3,900 millimetres.

In 1965, special protection versions of both these variants became available. Later on, the lineup expanded to include the Pullman Landaulet and Pullman Limousine, featuring six doors. 

Of the total production, a significant number of 743 Mercedes-Benz 600s were delivered to the USA. Following that, Germany received 589 units, France had 151 vehicles, and Great Britain possessed 126 examples. Notably, two distinctive custom-made models were created: a long-wheelbase Landaulet for Pope Paul VI and a short-wheelbase Landaulet for Count Berckheim.

An exceptional addition in 1965 was a unique two-door coupé, crafted in Sindelfingen. This creation remained one-of-a-kind and served as an exploration into the potential of a grand coupé, possibly as a successor to the 300 Sc (W 188 II).

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