Keep Your Team Motivated When a Project Goes Off the Rails

A key part of your job as project leader is to keep your team motivated and on track when things start to go sideways. In this article, the author outlines practical strategies to try if you need to boost your team’s morale: 1) Re-establish or re-define the project purpose, goals, and vision. 2) Involve the team in trouble-shooting and defining the path forward. 3) Help remove obstacles. 4) Understand what motivates different team members. 5) Connect regularly as a team. 6) Celebrate small wins and provide recognition.

According to a report by TeamStage, 70% of projects globally fail. And big projects, with greater complexity and more moving parts, fail at significant rates. This can be for a variety of reasons, ranging from passive project sponsors and inadequate resources to a shifting organizational context or lack of internal alignment and stakeholder buy-in.

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