4 Phrases That Build a Culture of Curiosity

Curiosity is a powerful practice to infuse into a company’s culture. But managers often limit their definition of curiosity to simply a way to get information. Curiosity, though, can be a more expansive practice — it is a force for connection. We need to move away from “shallow curiosity” and embrace “deep curiosity,” where you unearth stories, values, experiences, and feelings. When conversations go beneath the surface in this way, it can strengthen work relationships, foster a better understanding of yourself as a leader, and help you to navigate conflict or anxiety in the office.

Curiosity is an exceptionally effective tool that leaders have to lead diverse teams in an increasingly complex time filled with technological advancements and an ever-changing cultural pulse. But they need to do so intentionally. Four key phrases can help in this pursuit: “I don’t know,” “Tell me more,” “I understand that you’re more than your job,” and “Who else?”

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