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Reignite your Inner Voice and Reclaim your Power

Setting a healthy mindset

Get rid of the beliefs that are holding you back from obtaining what you desire, it’s time to Reclaim your power!

The voice says..

You’re never going to be able to do this, you’re not worthy

Why do we believe this and where do these thoughts come from?

It’s usually from what we heard growing up and it’s time to get rid of this type of belief.

Here are some tips from Sarita about how we can move ahead:

Set the intentions for the day to set the tone:

You can do that verbally while you brushing your teeth, making your coffee or even driving to work. Set the tone for the day so you can come back and live by it throughout the day.


when things get a little hectic in life

say this affirmation to be present…

What’s behind me is done

What’s front of me is to come

I am here, in the now

Express gratitude:

Here is one that Sarita shared for International Women’s Day,

To the women in my lineage who gave me the power to be who I am today, I honor you, think of you and ask for your strength and courage daily. I am not the first to suffer, rebel, fight, love and die for what I believe in. You ALL are the reason I stand strong


Journaling helps us feel at peace and aligned. You can add this to your morning routine quiet time or to your evening routine, reflections before bedtime.

With Micro-Journaling you can add a line a day journaling, 3 minutes a day. A page a day for the year.

Types of journals include Daily reflections, Gratitude, Blessings, Food or Exercise logging and Prayer.

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