How Understanding Risk Can Change Your Life

Todd Ault will be the first to tell you he isn’t perfect. In addition to facing multiple lawsuits over the years, his holding company Ault Alliance Inc., recently settled charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission for misrepresenting regulatory disclosures. But Ault isn’t looking to hide from his mistakes. Instead, he’s determined to help other entrepreneurs make better decisions.

Fulfilling A Childhood Dream

Ault grew up in HUD housing in Orange County, California and was raised by a single mom. He loved watching Lou Dobbs and Warren Buffett on TV and became obsessed with the idea of running his own holding company. He didn’t have access to mentors and believes had he had more support along his journey, things would’ve been different. “I would have not made the thousands of stupid mistakes I’ve made – and I’ve made them all,” he says.

Ault’s first job was on Wall Street. By the time he was 20, he was working at a financial firm. By 21, he was head of syndication for a West Coast firm. “By 28, I was running my own hedge fund,” he says. Today, he’s focused on his publicly traded holding company on the New York Stock Exchange American, while he runs and owns seven other public companies.

The Launch of RiskOn

In 2022, he launched RiskOn, a business training conference and the RiskOn360 Global Success Conference, which is a networking event. “My whole mission is to give people access to mentors. Without being able to talk to someone – how do you ask questions? How do you know you are not alone?”

Ault’s next RiskOn360 event will take place in Las Vegas and feature a lineup of speakers including keynotes by television personalities Tucker Carlson and Charles Payne, and entrepreneur Bill Walsh.

“I want everyone who comes to understand the importance of taking risks. Over the course of two days, we’ll break down what RiskOn stands for, which is: Relationships are vital; Invest in yourself; Stay your own course; Know your competition better; Own your own mistakes; and, Never give up.”

At this year’s event, Ault will be launching a new app called ROI, which is designed to connect experts with entrepreneurs seeking advice. “It’s lead generation for the expert, and success generation for everybody else.”

The Power Of Relationships

Ault says while all of the principles that make up RiskOn matter, he believes everything comes down to relationships. The father of four kids, Ault has been married for 20 years and says “you have to marry the right partner” if you want to be successful. He adds, “never lie” if you’re single; and, has this advice for single men. “If you’re willing to get a golf coach, you’re willing to get someone to teach you how to shoot a gun, you’re willing to have someone teach you to bowl, be willing to have a therapist that you can work with as an individual guy. I’ve seen the same therapist for 24 years. I see her every Saturday, I never miss. You have to make a commitment to personal growth.”

In the end, Ault hopes his path reminds people that success isn’t about being perfect, but rather about learning from your mistakes, nurturing meaningful connections, and helping others along the way. For more information about the RiskOn360 event, you can text ROI to 26786.

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