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Lunch and Learn Sessions: Boost Results, Create Dialogue

The impact of Lunch & Learns on team performance is best illustrated through real-life stories. This is shown in the graphic above that highlights the top Lunch and Learn session topics of interest from this year’s survey participants. Organizations that have embraced these sessions often report improved collaboration, innovative problem-solving, and happier, more engaged employees.

For example, America’s Test Kitchen (ATK), after implementing Lunch & Learn sessions, discovered that 97% of ATK employees surveyed found value in their learning experience which led to an increase in DEI budget spend and a continued partnership with The Rise Journey for Lunch and Learns.

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Real-life Impact and Feedback for Tailored Learning Experiences.

“I really liked the depth of information but not so deep as to lose the audience. Great recipes as takeaways!”

“It was a great topic overall and just makes you feel included in your own community or company when people have similar experiences as Latina in the workspace.”

“I found some of the information to be very helpful, such as the personal user manual and strengths/weaknesses self-assessment tools. However, some of the topics such as emotional self-regulation seem more appropriate to come from a presenter with training in mental health. Bernice has a very engaging presentation style and clearly a ton of expertise from her own experiences,”

“I could listen to Marisa all day! She is a great speaker and facilitator. I LOVE the section on Mind Set. I am in total control of my mind and am very aware of what I place in there and choose to listen to. Stop saying and Start saying it was my favorite takeaway! Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed the whole conversation; it was very calm yet informative and straight to the point. It didn’t feel as if we needed to walk on eggshells. I thought the initial privilege activity was useful. The worksheet at the end was harder than I thought but was a nice reflection as to what I needed to work on.”

“I think it was good for our org to gain a common vocabulary and shared definition for psychological safety – we didn’t really have one before. I think I would have liked a more interactive session: breakout rooms, live polls, etc.”

These quotes and the success story of ATK demonstrate the tangible benefits of open dialogue in the workplace, backed by the effectiveness of Lunch & Learns.

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