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Citroën Mehari At 55 Years Old, From The French Army To Cinema Screen Icon

The Méhari was of great interest to public bodies, such as the police, customs, airports, and racecourses. But many small businesses found them useful, with shopkeepers, craftsmen and of course, private individuals.

The French army took to the Méhari which bought a total of 11,457 of them between 1972 and 1987.

It also found a career with medical assistance and in 1980 where ten 4×4 Méharis were chartered to provide medical assistance along the route of the Paris Dakar.

Finally, the Méhari had a great film career, especially due to the film Le gendarme de Saint Tropez with Louis de Funès.

I’ve always wanted one, and I could get a new one, they make them still, the Méhari 2CV Club Cassis do. Even an electric one. 

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