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Jamaica’s Marcos James to make screenwriting, producing debut in ‘Ceremony’ – Repeating Islands

Durrant Pate (Our Today) reports that Jamaican-born, in California-based actor Marcos James—well known for his role as White Rat in Game of Thrones (see still above)—will be making his debut as screenwriter and producer in the feature film Ceremony, which will be set in Jamaica.

Sure Thing Productions has announced that Jamaica-born actor Marcos James is set to make his debut as a feature film screenwriter and producer in his dramatic thriller Ceremony, which is currently in development. The LA-based James, who is best known for his performance as White Rat in HBO’s Emmy Award-winning series Game of Thrones, plans to star in the production as well, making clear his intention to become one of the entertainment industry’s newest multi-hyphenates.

The addition of writer and producer to James’ growing show-business resume is seen as a natural and logical step in the evolution of his career, and one he has been preparing to make for some time. According to him, “Many in the industry who know me primarily as an actor may not know that I actually have a bachelor’s degree, in communications from UWI in Jamaica and a master’s in film production from the University of Bristol in the UK.”

Continuing, James told caribbeanlife.com: “This is something that for me has been in the making from day one. I’ve always known that I wanted to expand my horizons into the realms of writing and producing my own projects. I think it’s important for all actors to do that, to enhance and sustain their careers. And now that my acting career has connected me to some incredible players in the production sphere, this is the perfect time for me to take things to another level.” [. . .]

Debut film set in Jamaica

In a nod to his island roots of Jamaica, James discloses that Ceremony is set on the Caribbean island but carries a strong Cuban influence as well. The story follows the mysterious and unexplainable events that occur when two estranged half siblings — brother and sister — return to their island home to attend the ceremonial farewell for their recently deceased father. Their strained reunion, coupled with the often-frightening incidents that accompany their arrival, forces them both to confront each other as well as simmering family issues around ancestry, infidelity and inheritance.

James has already completed the script for the film and is excited about the project’s possibilities for several reasons. Firstly, several themes in the film such as difficult family relationships, sibling rivalry and confrontations over money are very universal.

He contended that Ceremony is also unquestionably unique in its exploration of Jamaican and Cuban culture and folklore. The storyline leans heavily into ceremonial and religious practices that are misunderstood and feared in both Caribbean societies. “This, and the beautiful Jamaican setting, heightens and compliments [sic] the drama. For this reason, we think that with the right execution the film has the potential to find a truly international audience,” James emphasised.

Credit given to Jamaica

Central to his vision for the film’s success is that it be shot on location in Jamaica with James declaring, “as a born Jamaican, I think it is absolutely crucial that we film there. There’s no other place in the world that can replicate that Jamaican vibe and the film will be another gorgeous tribute to the beauty and majesty of the island. So, we are hoping we can get the co-operation and support from within Jamaica to make that happen.” [. . .]

For full article, see https://our.today/jamaicas-marcos-james-to-make-screenwriting-producing-debut-in-ceremony/

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