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32nd Havana International Book Fair – Repeating Islands

The 32nd Havana International Book Fair [XXXII Feria Internacional del Libro de La Habana] opens on Thursday, February 15, and runs through February 25, at the Morro Cabaña Historic-Military Park at the entrance to the Port of Havana, Cuba.

The Book Fair will host representatives from 45 countries and feature over 1,000 new publications. The event promises an immersive literary experience, with Brazil as the guest of honor.

This event is also dedicated to Isabel Monal—philosopher, educator, and former director of the National Theater of Cuba; and Francisco López Sacha—writer, professor of art & cinema, and president of the Cuban Writers Association.

For more information, see https://cubarte.cult.cu/blog-cubarte/una-feria-ritmo-de-samba/ and https://cubarte.cult.cu/blog-cubarte/editoriales-en-feria-nuevo-milenio/

Also see http://www.cubanews.acn.cu/culture/23623-havana-international-book-fair-with-large-literary-offer and http://www.morrocabana.cu

See more on Francisco López Sacha at https://www.eictv.org/profesores/francisco-lopez-sacha/%20Cuba

See more on Isabel Monal at https://reddem.org/es/noticias/item/701-isabel-monal,-protagonista-de-la-fiesta-del-libro-en-2024.html

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