What healthcare needs next – Board of Innovation

Innovation strategies and business designs in the healthcare sector should start by imagining what a better future might look like – a future that is better for patients, providers, and the companies and other organizations that support them. This might seem like an obvious first step, but we still see far too many healthcare products, services, and businesses being launched that address the needs of the past, or that create a whole new set of problems which will sooner or later provoke hostile consumer, provider and public policy responses. 

Companies often get stuck trying to solve old problems, even when they are no longer relevant, because those are the most familiar challenges, and because they are the ones that most closely draw upon their experiences and capabilities. So we aim to help our partners imagine a better future for healthcare as an essential first step towards helping them to define the role that they want to play in shaping that future (and removing barriers that could prevent getting there).

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