Saudi Arabia’s newest Neom project forms rocky outcrop in the desert

More plans have been revealed for the massive upcoming Neom development which is currently remaking the Saudi Arabian landscape. Named Xaynor, this latest project will offer an ultra-exclusive club for well-heeled guests that takes the form of an unusual rocky outcrop.

Xaynor will be located on the Gulf of Aqaba, on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastline, which is the same site as the recently unveiled Zardun and Epicon skyscrapers.

It will be built using large stones and rock-like forms, with an almost haphazard-looking appearance that will help it to blend in well with the rugged surrounding landscape. The rocks will be arranged so as to create multiple private terrace areas and pathways, as well as lagoons.

The goal is to create a luxurious resort for “club members,” and with this in mind, it will include beachside lounging areas, gourmet food, and a spa and wellness center. Additionally, there will be shopping and leisure facilities and other as-yet-undefined members-only experiences in collaboration “with internationally renowned brand partners in fashion, art and lifestyle.”

Xaynor will take the form of a rocky outcrop and will take its place well in the rugged landscape
Xaynor will take the form of a rocky outcrop and will take its place well in the rugged landscape


“Arriving in Xaynor, guests will be greeted by its breathtaking canopy entrance, blending with the natural landscape and providing a captivating pathway down to the beach,” explained the press release from Neom. “This distinct architectural style effortlessly integrates concealed retreats and expansive open spaces. Guests can choose to indulge in private seclusion or mingle with other members.

“Positioned as the epitome of ultra-chic beach resort luxury, Xaynor is dedicated to crafting unforgettable moments that redefine exclusivity in a natural setting. Sensitively merging indoor and outdoor spaces, it will stand as an icon of delicate elegance along the Gulf of Aqaba’s shores.”

There’s no word yet on when Xaynor is expected to be completed but it joins an incredible number of projects currently planned for Saudi Arabia’s Neom, including a 170-km-long skyscraper, an opera house, a stadium, and a huge cuboid skyscraper.

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