Multi-mode lid turns your water bottle into a mister, streamer and sprayer

If you’ve already carrying a bottle of nice clean water when you’re roaming the great outdoors, why limit yourself to just drinking that water? The Hydration Spray Lid lets you also mist, stream and spray it.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the BPA-free lid is manufactured by San Diego-based outdoor gear company Lunatec.

It’s compatible with existing insulated water bottles from companies such as Hydroflask, Takeya and Thermoflask, plus it can be used with a system-specific 1,000-ml stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottle made by Lunatec itself.

The Hydration Spray Lid in Mist mode
The Hydration Spray Lid in Mist mode


To use the Hydration Spray Lid you just pump it a few times to build pressure within the bottle, twist its nozzle to either Mist, Stream or Spray settings, then press its trigger to start the flow.

Mist can be used to cool yourself off – it’s particularly effective if the bottle has some ice in it. Stream provides a concentrated jet of water for tasks like blasting mud off the bottom of your shoes, while Spray is more useful for things like cleaning eating utensils and washing your hands.

And yes, you can still drink from the bottle, simply by sticking the nozzle in your mouth in Spray mode.

The water flosser tip is an optional extra
The water flosser tip is an optional extra


Backers can also opt for a set of water flosser and bidet tips, which Lunatec states are made for “your chewer and your pooer.” These tips can be attached to a silicone extension tube for easier use, and they’re color-coded so that … well you know, so that you don’t mix them up.

Assuming the Hydration Spray Lid reaches production, a pledge of US$20 will get you one – the planned retail price is $25. Other packages are also available, up to a kit that includes a lid, bottle, extension tube plus flosser and bidet tips, for $65 (retail $70).

The device is demonstrated in the following video.

Mist, Stream & Shower for Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles

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