Customer Complaint Videos can Trigger Ideas

BUPA is a leading international provider of private healthcare and insurance. It is headquartered in the UK and has 82000 staff serving some 38 million customers. After customer interactions such as enquiries, procedures or complaints the company asks for feedback and tracks NPS, Net Promoter Score. Customers who give a low NPS are contacted and asked to give further details by audio or video. Video feedback is more powerful and informative than email or audio because you can see the circumstances, attitude and demeanour of the customer.

These feedback messages from unhappy customers are available for all staff in BUPA to view. After they have viewed the message employees are encouraged to submit ideas for service improvements. According to Anna Wilcox, Head of Customer Experience at BUPA, last year over 1100 such suggestions from staff were received and of these over 300 were implemented.

Senior level executives are obliged to watch customer videos each week to ensure that they are in touch with the real issues that affect customers.

BUPA also run Idea Jam brainstorms to generate ideas for specific issues and they have customer panels where users of the service talk about their experiences and issues.

It is always pleasing to hear from happy customers about how great your service is. But the unhappy customers are the ones who can point you in the directions of improvement and innovation. Many companies ask front-line staff for suggestions but BUPA go further by asking people who are not in customer-facing roles for their input and they will often have creative ideas.

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