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TikTok Influencer, Creative Finalist, RoseAngel, paving the way for Latina Voices!

Meet RoseAngel, one of only 150 finalists selected among 25,000 applicants to participate in “TikTok’s LatinX Creatives” program. This TikTok program has been created to foster the development of talented LatinX creatives in both their personal and professional endeavors. I had the pleasure of chatting with RoseAngel as she shares her journey of a lifetime!

Rocio: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

RoseAngel– I was born and grew up in Queens NY where my parents met after immigrating from Peru and Ecuador.

Rocio: At what age did you start singing and what drew you to that pursuit?

RoseAngel: I was very shy as a young girl and found my voice at 6 years old, singing is where I felt comfortable and able to express myself. When I was 12 years old I performed in the musical Honk at my local performing arts center. I went on to attend the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts where I majored in Vocal and Musical theatre.

Rocio- When I first met you at “The Peru to the World Expo” you were wearing a beautiful Peruvian folkdance dress and you mentioned that you are a Champion of the Marinera Nortena Dance in the USA and in Canada. Tell us about the Marinera.

RoseAngel– The Marinera is Peru’s national dance, the Marinera Nortena is from Trujillo and is a flirtatious and playful dance where we tease the man with graceful movements.

Rocio– Let’s talk about social media; on TikTok you currently have over 541,000 followers and your You Tube Channel has 83,000 subscribers. When did you start on TikTok and why?

RoseAngel- I started on TikTok during quarantine in 2020. Every teenager, including me, had just been told that they were no longer going to be in school, so social media was the rave during that time and when I first heard of TikTok, I decided to post to cure my boredom. I still remember my first video, a cover of LOVE by Keyshia Cole and it hit 12,000 likes in the first day. That video motivated me to keep posting and use the time I had to get creative.

Rocio– How do you create content for your audience and how often do you film for your accounts?

RoseAngelI always start by drafting an idea for a video with a pen and paper. The thing I love about TikTok is that it’s a creative platform, so I can experiment with my creativity any way I want. From there, I dress up and put my makeup on to get ready for the video. Then, I press record and share my best authentic persona for thousands of people online. I tend to film hours upon hours per day. It’s something that I enjoy because I have complete creative control in editing. It’s crazy how much one can do with a phone!

Rocio– How do you stand out from other TikTok creators? What is unique about you and why do you think that you were selected out of 25,000 applicants for the TikTok Latinx Creatives program?

RoseAngelI could say I stand out because of my transparency and vivid personality online, as well as my vocals! People are attracted to those who are like them, and at the end of the day, I’m just a teenager making singing content in her childhood bedroom. Social media has given me an outlet to express my TRUE self and I love that many people have been touched by that. Also, there aren’t that many Latinas doing music on TikTok, and to be one of a few is what also makes me unique. I believe I was selected by the TikTok LatinX Creatives Program because I’ve always been really proud of my Latin culture and my videos express that. My authenticity and creativity were factors that the program was looking for as well, so I’m so proud that they have selected me as a Latin representative for their program. So far, it’s been an amazing experience and I’ve met so many incredible creators, such as Devon Rodriguez and J Balvin.

Rocio– What would you say to any aspiring creators/ teens striving to grow on social media?

RoseAngel– I would say to never stop creating and never say never. Before the pandemic, I had so many doubts about my future and what I wanted to be. I was also very introverted and disliked social media in general. Now, it has changed my life and has taught me so many skills and lessons in life. Being creative is key when it comes to social media, so don’t be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. You never know!

You can connect with RoseAngel through the following socials:

Spotify: RoseAngel

Instagram: @roseangelxc

Youtube: RoseAngel

TikTok: @roseangelmusic

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