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Magaly Ponce, Co-Founder & Executive Chef in Qoyas NYC Peruvian Cuisine

Meet Magaly a multi-talented woman who wears many different hats. She has over sixteen years of experience running her own catering and event planning businesses back in Peru. She is a leader in the Hospitality Industry, Chef, Event Planner, Business Consultant and Mother to two children.

Her motto is that everything that she does, she does it with love and passion.

I started my career off as a Chef at the age of twenty with many goals in mind. Little by little with a lot of hard work, effort and love for cooking and always with my faith in God I would go on to achieve many of my dreams in my country of Peru.

I was able to attain many great achievements such as being voted the best Catering Company in Lima-Peru, the best Wedding Planner and among the top 10 in Peru.

I was at the top of my game when one day I found myself going through a terrible divorce and my son at the age of fourteen decided to move to the city where he was born, New York City. My heart felt empty so I made the super difficult decision to migrate to New York to be reunited with my son. I went with my daughter Luna and out dog Manchis and we set off to the Big Apple.

I said to myself, someday I will be in the Big Apple with my Peruvian food, representing my country as ambassador of Peruvian Food in New York.

At first our business was focused on catering, private chef services and cooking classes. Then we transitioned into being food vendors at the Queens Night Market and hosted several Pop-Up’s around the city. When the covid-19 pandemic hit our plans were put on halt as well as our businesses in Peru. We didn’t know what we were going to do until one day my daughter Luna and I started selling our famous Alfajores (a Peruvian dessert) to local hotels and businesses. Suddenly we found a demand for the Alfajores and we started delivering by foot. The hours were exhausting, I would work until 2am in the mornings and by the time I reached my home my legs were swollen from all the walking. I never imagined my life to be this way, after achieving so much success back home it was a shock to find myself as a delivery person.

It has not been easy but today I see how wonderful family support is, and how growing together hand in hand, supporting us to continue achieving goals together and individual goals has helped me to overcome some of the darkest times in my life.

Today I feel happier than ever with my life, my children, my family, my parents, my dreams and of course with God by my side. I thank God for all the blessings and for giving me so much strength to ability to reinvent myself and get up every time I fall. With God and my family by my side everything and anything is possible!

Today I find myself fulfilling one of my longed-for dreams, my meal in the Big Apple because my mother and sister @peruvianchicainnyc believed in my talent and we were able to found @qoyasnyc together. With love and passion we can all achieve our dreams.

I celebrate all the women fighters, hardworking, with dreams to fulfill that we do not give up despite the adversities of Life. Women who migrated with suitcases full of dreams and ideals, there is no limit to everything we want to achieve

I love women. Let’s go for more.

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