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Interactive Bilingual Website Helps Combat Health Disparities in Latino Communities – Latina on a Mission

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This past weekend, I received the COVID-19 vaccine. This was due in large part to the initiatives my state has created to ensure the Latino community has access to these life-saving vaccines. Based on conversations with family and friends, this is not the case throughout our nation. Sadly, the Latinx community is facing an undue burden of illness and death from COVID-19, as well as cancer, heart, diabetes, and mental health issues.

To beat these diseases, no community can be overlooked. All must have access. More importantly, access needs to come with information. Vaccine hesitancy is real, as is distrust of the healthcare system, particularly in communities, like mine, that were used as guinea pigs for experimental drugs. Information and transparency can alleviate distrust.

To combat health disparities and provide information to Latino communities, a group of organizations* have come together to create an interactive bilingual website, Taking Action for Our Health.

The website highlights the importance of health screenings, addresses barriers, and has information on low and no-cost healthcare services. It also has four interactive programs that can help a reader access health risk factors, take action to get screened and monitor their progress. The results can be shared with doctors, health care teams, or family and friends.

This resource will arm and empower the Latinx community. Let’s make sure our familia and friends are aware of it.

Let’s talk! How are you maintaining your physical and emotional health? Are you visiting the doctor?

* Anthem, Inc., the Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope, the National Hispanic Medical Association, and Pfizer, Inc., came together to create this initiative. I am proud to be a part of this sponsored campaign that will help Latinos lead more fulfilling lives.

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