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About Diana Yanez and All The Colors

Most people are unsure whether they’re doing the right thing with money….

All The Colors gives you the skills, knowledge, and practices you need to feel confident in your money decisions. We do this through Bosque Money, a six- month community program with live virtual meetings and an online community space. I am also a speaker, workshop facilitator, and writer on financial empowerment and social justice.

I earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner designation after rigorous schooling, a difficult exam, and two years of working under an experienced planner. I earned the Registered Life Planner™ designation through the Kinder Institute by completing several courses and a six-month long mentorship.

Before finding my calling as a financial planner and coach in 2016, I worked in social services, population projections, and business analysis at a manufacturing company.

As a financial planner I’ve found the perfect fit between complex analysis and making a meaningful contribution to other’s lives.

Diana Yáñez, MA, CFP®, RLP®

All the Colors – Financial Empowerment

Creating Peace, Joy, & Vision

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