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Ari Fletcher Shares Vulnerable Moment With Father (Video)

Ari Fletcher is giving fans a deeper look at her upbringing after sitting down with her biological father for the first time.

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Ari Fletcher Sits Down With Her Biological Father

The gathering between Fletcher and her father occurred on the latest episode of ‘The Impact Atlanta.’ The reality show’s second season kicked off on October 5 and stars Fletcher alongside fellow Atlanta socialites Dess Dior, Arrogant Tae, rapper Lakeyah, and others.

On the October 26 episode, viewers watched as Fletcher agreed to meet with her birth father, per BET. In a clip obtained by The Shade Room, Fletcher sat across from her father in what appeared to be an empty restaurant.

The clip began as Fletcher’s father reflected on his life during her upbringing.

“My life was really at my job most of the time,” Fletcher’s father explained. “Like, I worked hella hours — ten and twelve hour days until you became 18 years old.”

The Pair’s Meeting Turns Emotional

In tears, Fletcher replied to her father, “That don’t mean anything.”

However, her father disagreed.

“You weren’t there for graduations, you weren’t there for dances, for prom,” Fletcher told her father. “I feel like it’s completely missing out on my life.”

Fletcher’s dad explained that he was “chasing happiness” for himself, and that’s what he “got caught up in.”

The 28-year-old then asked her father if he “feels okay now,” to which he declined. The moment then drew more intense as Fletcher remarked that she’s “off child support” and now they should “take a shot to that.”

In a post-recorded confessional, the 28-year-old reflected on her emotions in that moment.

“That’s bulls**t,” Fletcher remarked. “I feel like coming here and getting his side and hearing his truth just kind of like a letdown for me.”

As the clip returned to Fletcher and her father’s sit down, he began to explain that even though he doesn’t see his daughter often, he’s able to see that she’s “doing alright” through photos on Instagram.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the father and daughter’s vulnerable moment. Many shared empathy for Fletcher.

“I know this feeling and I lived with my dad my entire life. I’ve learned to love on my inner child that craves loving and understanding.”

“Did he just say he don’t have to communicate with her bc he scrolls through IG and sees she’s doing aight? LORD”

“I would have walked out as soonnn as he mentioned his job because ain’t no way.”

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