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Terrence J Passes The Aux To Uplift HBCUs With TIDAL Live

Terrence J Passes The Aux To Uplift HBCUs With TIDAL Live

The media personality’s partnership with TIDAL seeks to celebrate homecoming season while giving back.

Terrence J is giving back to his HBCU community with the help of TIDAL. The media personality is helping the platform promote its Live feature at his alma mater, North Carolina A&T University (NCAT). 

The TIDAL Live session was held as a send-off for NCAT’s 2023 homecoming festivities, with the famed alum ending the celebration on a high note with the introduction of the feature. Terrence J spoke to BLACK ENTERPRISE about his long-standing partnership with TIDAL and the mission to uplift HBCUs. 

“Streaming services didn’t exist when I was in school,” shared the entertainer.  “To be able to do a live session like this is unprecedented, I had so much fun at homecoming this year. I want to bring that music, fun, and energy, as well as those throwbacks and hits, to this interactive experience. So, no better place to party with than the family at TIDAL to wrap up homecoming season the proper way.”

TIDAL Live is an innovative way for all to engage in playlist curation, with the platform’s users engaging with one another and tap into new sounds by hearing what others across their vast community are listening to. Terrence J partnered with the streamer to connect HBCU students with the latest technology to bring homecoming festivities to new heights, as he contributes his own experience to where he is today.

“When I went to [NCAT], I knew that I wanted to do something, I just didn’t know what it was. Hollywood felt so far, so anything that was happening on campus I would do it. Having the professors and the deans while I was at school helped me hone in and focus. One of the most beautiful things about an HBCU is finding your tribe,” shared the 2004 graduate.

To further commemorate the occasion, Terrence J and TIDAL are making a generous donation to NCAT’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to ensure the impact continues on. 

“This HBCU initiative is really special, because they’re also giving money back…I ‘nickeled and dimed’ the financial aid to be able to graduate. And so for me now in this position, I want to be an advocate and a voice. We have to support our HBCUs, and make sure the next up get the resources and tools they need. It’s a collective effort.” 

Terrence J is passing the aux to the next generation of HBCU students with TIDAL as they work to bring communities from all avenues closer together with the Live session.

“It’s about collaboration, nothing brings people together more than music…It’s a beautiful synergy. Being able to have a live session with the playlist and sharing these anthems to have a little bit of extra homecoming, that’s what it’s all about for me.” 

Terrence J’s official TIDAL Live playlist in available to stream on the platform now.

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