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Black-Owned Manga Company Teams Up With Black Marvel Writer

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A Marvel writer will be collaborating with a Black-owned manga digital comics magazine it was recently announced at SaturdayCon 2023.

A Marvel writer will be collaborating with a Black-owned manga digital comics magazine, according to a recent announcement at SaturdayCon 2023.

According to CBR, the convention, which took place from Nov. 4–5, the announcement said that Saturday AM will be working with Marvel writer Stephanie Williams on the magazine’s first-ever light novel. The project will be called “Apple Black Origins: Spectrum and the Spectre.” It will be a prequel to one of the magazine’s popular series, “Apple Black,” created by Nigerian artist/influencer Odunze Oguguo, whose online alias is Whyt Manga.

The completed project is slated to be released on June 11, 2024. The Saturday AM website describes the upcoming comic: “In this light-novel prequel to the Apple Black series, Willow and Gideon together take on the evils that riddle Eden in their adventure to find gold.”

According to the outlet, the comic will predate the series Apple Black by nine years. The series is about a young sorcerer named Sano, destined to save the world. His ancestors consumed Black Apples, allowing them to obtain sorcery powers. The series includes three manga volumes, and a fourth one is scheduled for release on Nov. 21.

Oguguo is excited about the collaboration and stated that Williams brings a lot of expertise and, as a Black female content creator, holds a unique perspective to her art, the outlet reports. Williams has contributed her creativity to well-known and iconic titles like “Captain America,” “Scarlet Witch” as well as “Nubia: Queen of the Amazons,” and “Wakanda.”

With the release of “Apple Black Origins: Spectrum and the Spectre” next year, there is hope that this will be the first of many between the collaborators.

To check out the first three volumes of “Apple Black,” you can purchase the work from the Saturday AM website.

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