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The country is usually associated with tradition and culture, but do we know that the country has control over some of the best brands in the world? The article consists of 50 top brands of the country, so continue reading to get an adequate idea of the Belgium brands.

Top 50 Brands Of Belgium

KBC Bank

The company was established in Belgium in the mid-1930s. The company provides financial services to the country like insurance proposals, loans and other such kinds of monetary help. The company mainly assists privately-owned business companies and agencies in Belgium. 

Stella Artois

The company was established by a group of business class people of Belgium. Stella Artois is a brand which manufactures brewed beer in the country, which is not just famous in the country but also outside the country. It is a perfect mixture of incredible ingredients like maize, rice, barley, yeast and mineral water.


The company has been providing monetary and banking facilities to the country and people for years. It was established in order to give security and assistance to the capital and assets of the inhabitants. It is strictly controlled by the nation’s government, it keeps full control of the flow and hold of currency in the market. 


The company is known for manufacturing and peddling chemical substances and its derivatives in the market. It was formed in the early 1860s, one of the oldest and finest companies in the country. The company has the role of manufacturing chemicals and plastics for commercial and domestic purposes. 


The company which is established in Belgium is one of the biggest telecom sectors of the country. Its sole purpose is to provide cord and broadband services. It has been setting up its plant in the rural areas of the country so that those people can also be able to enjoy the facilities given by the company.


The company is a private acquired company by the known family of Belgium. It is a commercial company which controls and assists a series of the supermarket, shops, marts of the company. It supplies them with essential commercial products to be sold in the market and earn a certain percentage of dividends out of them. 

AG insurance

This Belgium company sells insurance in the country. It was established in the early 1820s and since then it continues to grow and expand its branches all across the country. The company trades for life and non- life insurance schemes in Belgium. Considered as an ancient and most trusted bank of the nation, people of the company have immense faith in the company.


The Proximus is a Belgium telecom industry which was established in the country to provide all kinds of telecom and wireless services. The group has been providing the country with much-needed services like excellent connection, packages, roaming services, broadband and many other such kinds of services.

AB InBev

The company is a famous company which manufactures beverages in the country. It was established in Belgium and has been an active industry for decades. It manufactures and sells soft and hard drinks, which is loved by the country people. Its exotic and refreshing flavour has given the company much recognition and fame.


The company is established in Belgium as an aircraft manufacturing company. It has a record of producing and supplying the best aeroplane engines in the country.  The company has been rising and expanding its branches at great speed and energy. Many big companies are linked with the Belgian company, Aériane. 

Cantillon (brewery)

The company is a fresh and famous company in Belgium. The company was established by a group of members of the family and are dedicated to producing the best-brewed beers in the country. It has records of manufacturing and selling more than a thousand bottles of beer in a month. 


Headquartered in Brussels, the company is a global company which delivers insurance and security policies to the company and customers. The company registers the largest amount of revenue and net income, which further increases the economy of the country. It has its bases in all the neighbourhood countries of Belgium.

Cara Pils

The brand was launched by a group of people who were willing to make the company one of the best beer manufacturing companies in the country. The Cara Pils has an exclusive recipe of making the beer, with a proper amalgamation of ingredients, the beer has a refreshing taste which is loved by all.

Delhaize Group

The company is a commercial company which regulates more than 100 supermarkets and shops in the country. It is a food retail company, the sole duty is to furnish the shops and marts with the eateries brands and sell them to earn profit out of them. 

Cavalier Chocolate

The company was founded in Belgium in the late 1990s. The company is a chocolates and cookies manufacturing company. It manufactures scrumptious eateries that can be consumed by all age people. It also manufactures special sugar-free chocolates for diabetic patients. 

Belga Rise

The company is distinguished for its luxury cars and vehicles supplies. The company was established in Belgium and sooner it got fame all across the east European countries. The company has been manufacturing and supplying the country with various limited edition cars and jeeps. The cars are generally demanded by the rich class.


The company is an engine and machine manufacturing company which is established in Belgium. The company supplies engines and other related products to the aircraft industries. The machines manufactured by the company are tested and have absolutely excellent quality which is very light.

Delvaux (company)

The company is a fashion and luxury company established in Belgium. The company is well known for manufacturing and launching excellent leather goods and accessories. Products like leather belts, shoes, bags, wallets and many other such commodities are best available in the company.

FN (Fabrique Nationale d’Armes)

The company is the most famous and prestigious company which was established in Belgium in the late 1880s. The company is known for manufacturing artillery and ammunition in the country. The company has a vital role in supplying arms and weapons during the World wars. 

Averbode (publisher)

The company is a great publishing company in Belgium. It was founded in the early 1880s. The company has a fabulous record of disseminating journals, comic books, books and many other reading articles. The company is named after the abbey in Belgium. The books published under the company are A-listed books.


The company is established in Belgium and it ranks fourth in providing teleservices in the country. The company was formed with the motive of making the company eligible for providing the mass with services like fast internet speed, incoming and outgoing services, broadband, IPTV and mass media. 


The company is a sole producer and trader of musical instruments. The company was launched in Belgium in the mid-1930s in order to give rise to the production of musical instruments. Musical appliances like piano, guitar, drums, harmonica are best available in the company. 


The company is a steel manufacturer and transformation and coating of steel wires in Belgium. The company is the largest and most powerful company in this domain. It has been enjoying the supremacy in the country, from manufacturing to supplying and employing workers in Belgium. It has its bases in almost all the major cities. 

Brussels Airlines

The company is the largest and most successful company in Belgium. It is a national airline company, which has been expanding over the passing years. The customer prefers this company for travelling because of security and comfort reasons. The company is well-linked with different countries of the world and has been earning a lot of profits. 


The brand was launched in the developed city of Belgium in the late 19th century. The company is a producer of fashion and commercial brands like bags, accessories, luggage carrier, clutch and many more such items. The company launched premium quality products with different designs and styles to make it trendy and loved by the people.

Chocolat Jacques

The Belgian company was introduced in order to manufacture tasty chocolate in the country. Initially, it started as a chocolate manufacturing company but later it turned out to be a major producer of cookies, ice cream, pastries, candies and other kinds of delicious sweets.


People love the country for the type of vehicle they manufacture and also for their repairing services. In Belgium, famous people and companies send their vehicles to the company for servicing and other repairing services. The company has its branch in the major cities of the country.

Donnay (sports)

The company is a sports kit manufacturer and supplier of the country. It was launched before world war two, by the rich business family of the country. It has been funding and supplying kits to many sports teams and companies in Belgium. The company manufactures mainly rackets and balls to all over the world sports sectors.


The company has a sole role in manufacturing aircraft and other flying machines in the country. The planes and helipads supplied by the company are of fine quality. The reason that it has become more famous than the other companies is it produced super light and easy to handle machines.

Eddy Merckx Cycles

The most prestigious and ever-growing company, Eddy Merckx was launched in Belgium. The company manufactures and trades cycles in the country. The superb quality of road bikes are launched by the Eddy groups, rangers and racing cycles are available at its best. The company has registered a record of selling 1300 and plus bikes in just one month.  

Janssen Pharmaceutica

The company takes care of the medical institutions of the country. It supplies and furnishes them with all the essential appliances and drugs. The company is a privately owned company, which is named after the founder of the company. In the last five years, the company has expanded its units all over the country. 

Le Lombard

The company is a famous and most loved company in Belgium. The company is specialised in publishing comic journals and books in the country. The company was established in the 19th century, where people were introduced to the new genre of reading. People of the country have been showing immense love and appreciation to the publishers.

Frisk (confectionery)

The company is famous for manufacturing and trading mint candies and toffees in the country. The company has the authority to import its goods across the world. It was found in the early 1980s, the candies manufactured are refreshing and exotic in taste. The country has its branches all over the European companies.


The company was formed in Belgium as an automobile manufacturing industry. The company used to design and supply racing cars and luxury cars to the companies and personal desiring to buy. The company had more than 40,000 workers, all working day and night to make it the world’s largest and most powerful company in the country.


The company is a theatre-based company in Belgium. The company releases and makes movies and cinemas in the country with social and economical messages in different genres. The kinepolis was launched by the famous family of the country. The company controls many cinema industries of different countries in the world.

Orange Belgium

The company is a telecom and cable-based industry founded in Belgium. In spite of the heavy competition, the company has been doing great in terms of earning profits. It provides services like connectivity, broadcasting, roaming packs and many other such services. 

Quinze & Milan Designers

The company is a famous Belgian company which was set to manufacture premium furniture and cult designing. The company has become a hit brand soon after its third launch, people were awestruck by the quality and designs of the productions.

Miko Coffee

The famous industry, Miko Coffee is an international brand that manufactures coffee beans and supplies to different countries. Miko coffee was established in Belgium, which is an ancient set industry. The company manufactures exclusive beans, from plantation to rearing everything is managed within the company. 

National Railway Company of Belgium

The company runs the railways of the country. It is a state-regulated company which was formed in order to make travelling easier and quicker. The company got its name for its quality of assistance and security to their passengers. The clean railway stations and compartments attract a large number of travellers.

Wittamer & Co

The company has gained a reputation and fame for the quality of chocolate it manufactures. The company is a retail institute, which manufactures and supplies eateries to the small shops and marts in order to sell it in the market and they earn profits out of them. The company has its own marys in more than 12 places in Belgium.


The industry is a construction and retail group based in Brussels, Belgium. The company was started as a small dealer group but after years of labour, it emerged as a national company. The sole purpose is to provide construction materials and labourers to the site and undertake the formation of the buildings and infrastructure.

Ridley Bikes

The company is a famous producer and seller of bikes in Belgium. Earlier it was launched as a cycle designing industry but now it is a company which manufactures racing bikes and supplies to the racing team of the country and others. The company earns more than any other cycle manufacturing company established in Belgium.

Septentrio N.V

The company is a well-established company in Belgium, which was launched at the onset of 2000s. The company’s function is to produce an elevated regularity of GNSS receivers. The advanced tech is applied in all sectors like mining, agricultural, commercial and in domestic sectors of the country.

ULPower Aero Engines

The company has an exclusive duty of manufacturing engines and other heavy machinery for the aircraft. The company was established in Belgium in the early 2000s. It is specialised for supplying super light and easy accessible machines and engines that are imported to foreign as well as to the big industries of the country.

Val Saint-Lambert

The company established in Belgium is a manufacturer of exclusive brass and glassware products. The company has been importing the extraordinary showpieces to abroad and museums who want to display it. The company earns nearly $8.4 million every year by its production.

Ion Beam Applications (ABA)

The company is the most famous and biggest pharma based company in the country. The company supplies health care agencies with the required equipment, medicines, beds in the hospital, staff and many other such kinds of facilities. The company is dedicated to making the healthcare system of Belgium reliable and excellent in all spheres.

Materialise NV

The common is a prominent and largest industry which deals with printing and additive manufacturing companies in Belgium. The company was established in the early 1990s and from then it got fame as a printing company. The company receives the largest number of orders for printing wedding cards, festive cards and on other occasions.


The company, Corsendonk, is a beverage manufacturing company which was established in Belgium. The company manufactures exclusive and freshening hard and soft drinks in the country. From the last two decades, it has been supplying drinks to the country at an affordable price. The citizens can’t get over the exotic drinks.


The industry was established in Belgium as a chemical manufacturing and selling company. The company’s function is to supply the industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors with the chemical substances and its derivatives in the country. The company has been employing more than 30,000 skilled workers in the country.

Spa (mineral water)

The company is owned by a famous Belgian group known as Spadel group. The company is a mineral water supplier in the country. The national company has been expanding its branches in all parts of the country. The company supplies premium water with a balanced mixture of minerals and calcium in the water.

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