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Helpful Tips to Properly Care For Oily Dehydrated Skin

Dealing with oily and dehydrated skin can be challenging, as it requires a delicate balance to address both concerns effectively. However, you can achieve a healthy and radiant complexion with the proper care and attention.

People have different skin types, which include oily, dry, and more. Irrespective of your skin type, your skin can still suffer from dehydration. However, it is believed that dry and dehydrated skin on the face goes hand in hand, but they slightly differ, and one factor distinguishes them.

Firstly, dry skin on your face results from having little to no oil. You may see visible lines, red patches, invisible pores, and a dull complexion that will help you determine if you have dry skin.

A picture of a woman examining her dry skin | Source: Shutterstock

On the other hand, dehydrated skin often occurs when insufficient water is in the cells. Dehydrated skin is not defined as a skin type but as a skin condition. You might have dehydrated skin even if you have oily, dry, normal skin, or a combination skin type.

Meanwhile, oily skin is when you have a significant shine all over your face with possible breakouts. You may also notice a dull, shiny, thick complexion or enlarged pores.

A photo of a woman with oily skin | Source: Shutterstock

A photo of a woman with oily skin | Source: Shutterstock

Does Dehydrated Skin Cause Acne?

Dehydrated skin usually appears dull, with wrinkles that suddenly appear and darker circles under your eyes. Several factors can cause dehydration, including the environment, the weather, and temperature changes.

While dehydrated skin means less water in the body, it does not necessarily cause acne. However, what does cause acne is the use of products that are not right for your skin. Or it can be products that carry harmful or irritating ingredients. Consequently, your skin might become oilier yet dehydrated all at once.

Additionally, unknowingly using irritating products can cause dehydration and oiliness to your skin. These products range from using dry soaps or harshly using cleansing brushes, applying toners or any other products that contain high amounts of alcohol, high doses of natural or synthetic fragrances, and not using sunscreen daily.

A close-up of a woman's forehead with dry skin | Source: Shutterstock

A close-up of a woman’s forehead with dry skin | Source: Shutterstock

How to Identify Dehydrated Skin

To fix dehydrated skin, you first need to identify the problem that causes your skin’s dehydration. Secondly, if you believe your skin is dehydrated, you can do a skin test to confirm.

This test includes gently pinching your forehead using your pointer and middle fingers while looking at yourself in the magnifying mirror to get a better look at it. Your skin is dehydrated if you come across a shiny, wavy effect on your forehead that resembles a bar soap layer.

Repeat the process on other parts of your face if unsure after trying this step. Note that the forehead usually gives it away. In addition, common dehydrated skin symptoms include tightness and sensitivity.

A photo of a woman cleansing her face | Source: Shutterstock

A photo of a woman cleansing her face | Source: Shutterstock

How to Care For Oily Dehydrated Skin – Skincare Routine

Proper care for oily, dehydrated skin will help resolve hydration issues and correct sebum production. To get started on this process, you need to choose products that cleanse your skin and remove makeup. However, they should not foam or contain soap.

When done cleansing your face, apply a mild tonic without alcohol. The best recommendation is to opt for one with pH-regulating and inflammatory properties.

You need to go for creams and serums with a light, thin texture that will not clog enlarged pores but provide deep hydration. Every once a week, use moisturizing masks and light peels.

In addition, take vitamins and minerals to help improve skin condition, including plenty of water and proper nutrition. Have a balanced diet and consume your proteins. A celebrity esthetician, Aida Bicaj, suggested a routine fix of using a milky cleanser, a breathable moisturizer, and gentle exfoliating toner.

For an oily hydrated skin routine, you may do the following: firstly, use a serum; you can opt for a black rice hyaluronic anti-wrinkle serum, apply the product, then use a moisturizing cream, add sunscreen afterward, and finish off with hydrating honey lip balm.

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