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A Pioneer’s Journey (Retrospective) – Repeating Islands

So miffed to have forgotten to post this last week, but there is still a full week of screening to go! We were so excited to hear about this retrospective of Euzhan Palcy’s work, hosted by the Centre Pompidou (in Paris, France). This retrospective feast began on November 8 and runs through November 19, 2023.

The events and screenings that already took place were: opening night with a screening of Rue Cases-Nègres (1983, 103 minutes), in the presence of Euzhan Palcy, on November 8; the screening of A Dry White Season (1989, 106 minutes) with commentary by Palcy and journalist and politician Audrey Pulvar, on November 9; on November 11, the screening of Ruby Bridges (1998, 96 minutes), preceded by How Are the Kids? / Hassane (1990, 11 minutes) with Palcy and filmmaker Maïmouna Doucouré; and on November 12, a masterclass by Palcy and the screening of Siméon (1992, 115 minutes) with Palcy and the singer Meryl.

Here are the events taking place this coming week, followed by a description of the event:

Monday 13 November 8pm I Screening of Parcours de dissidents (2005, 88 minutes), preceded by L’Ami fondamental, Aimé Césaire/Léopold Sédar Senghor (2008, 18 minutes), with Euzhan Palcy and journalist Harry Roselmack more information

Wednesday 15 November 8pm I Screening of Aimé Césaire, une voix pour l’Histoire (1994, 3×52 minutes), presented by Rokhaya Diallo, as part of the 110th anniversary of the birth of Aimé Césaire more information

Thursday 16 November 7pm I Screening of Les Mariés de l’Isle Bourbon (2007, 180 minutes) more information

Friday 17 November 8pm I Screening of Siméon (1992, 115 minutes), in the presence of Euzhan Palcy more information

Saturday 18 November 4pm I Screening of Aimé Césaire, une voix pour l’Histoire (1994, 3×52 minutes) more information

Saturday 18 November 8pm I Screening of Rue Cases-Nègres (1983, 103 minutes), presented by Emmanuel Burdeau more information

Sunday 19 November 3pm I Screening of Ruby Bridges (1998, 96 minutes), preceded by How Are the Kids? / Hassane (1990, 11 minutes) more information

Sunday 19 Novembre 6pm I Screening of A Dry White Season (1989, 106 minutes) more information

Since the release of her first feature film, Rue Cases-Nègres, in 1983, Euzhan Palcy has continued to produce work characterized by its strong social and political engagement. It comprises more than ten films to date, alternating between fiction for the cinema and documentaries. Already highly reputed on the other side of the Atlantic, the filmmaker accompanies, for the first time in France, a retrospective of her films in the presence of numerous guests.

As a child growing up in Martinique in the 1960s, and with a shared passion, from an early age, for American cinema as well as that of François Truffaut, Euzhan Palcy has been unceasing, since her first film Rue Cases-Nègres, in her endeavours to bring to the screen the multitude of stories from Black communities in France and the United States. A graduate of the École Louis Lumière, and the first female director to be awarded a César, she also took on the status of a pioneer figure by directing, in 1989, her second feature film in Hollywood, A Dry White Season, based on the novel by André Brink, and starring Marlon Brando. “I do not film with my camera. I fix things… I attempt, in my modest way, to heal the gaping wounds of history,” she explained in 2019, while guest of honor at the Créteil Women’s Film Festival. At the Centre Pompidou, the filmmaker presents a lifetime of work, broadened by the incursion into the documentary format with, in particular, the triptych Aimé Césaire, une voix pour l’histoire (1994), and Parcours de dissidents (2005). In 2022, she received an honorary Oscar for her career.

[Also see a video of the director at https://www.centrepompidou.fr/fr/ressources/media/Gj1WDio]

For more information, see https://www.festival-automne.com/en/edition-2023/euzhan-palcy-retrospective and https://www.centrepompidou.fr/fr/programme/agenda/evenement/  

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