Quirky MECEXP MS1001 wristwatch uses two screws to tell time

Auger-like leadscrews allow 3D printers to precisely move their nozzles back and forth across the print bed, as they build up intricate items. Inspired by this functionality, Chinese brand MECEXP has created a unique watch that utilizes the same technology.

Putting it simply, a leadscrew is a long, thin screw with a component threaded onto it, and which is turned via an electric motor. The component is held down in such a fashion that it can’t simply turn along with the screw.

Therefore, as the motor turns the screw in one direction or the other, the threaded component moves along its length accordingly – either up and down or back and forth, depending on whether the leadscrew is positioned vertically or horizontally.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the MECEXP (MEChanical EXPloration) MS1001 incorporates two such screws located side-by-side, each one with an indicator arrow that moves along it. The arrow on the left lines up with a numerical hour display and smaller minute markers, while the arrow on the right simultaneously lines up with a numerical minute display and smaller second markers.

Pricing for the MECEXP MS1001 starts at US$189
Pricing for the MECEXP MS1001 starts at US$189


The arrows presumably just flyback to the beginning of their respective runs, once every 12 hours or 60 minutes. Power is supplied by an integrated lithium-ion battery, which is charged via a magnetic-ended cable – there’s no word on battery life.

Some of the MS1001’s other features include a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass face, a nylon/leather strap, an LED light for use in dark conditions, and a stainless steel case in color choices of matte black or natural silver. The whole thing has a water resistance rating of 5 atmospheres, which basically means it’s splash-proof.

Assuming the MECEXP MS1001 reaches production, a pledge of US$189 will get you one in black, with $199 required for one in silver. Its “CNC motor driving” system is illustrated in the video below.

MECEXP: Be the One to Wear the Watch of the Future

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