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Creating art can be a powerful tool that enriches our well being. It allows us to document and express our feelings with markers and paint brushes. Studies show that art and mental health have a positive interaction and that by utilizing art and creativity as tools for healing effects, we experience a better quality of life. Making art requires minimal investment and lends great benefits that help us with our fears, anger and stresses. It’s also a way to foster dialogue with those around you.

Meet Areli Pellegrino Co-Founder and lead artist at The Positive Signs Initiative, who is working on making “community art accessible to all with a focus on mental health awareness” Areli runs community Mindfulness and Art Workshops for kids and people of all ages. She also gives the artists an opportunity for their works of art to be on display in their communities.

PSI has a traveling BLM mural that is used to educate communities on this social movement. Through the artistic process, Areli has engaged many with a deeper meaning and inclusive experience. Areli uses art as a platform for change, education, and understanding.

Areli Pellegrino has a degree in studio art with a concentration in psychology, as well as a healing certification in Reiki. She is also a certified brain injury specialist. Her approach to art and life offers a unique approach that is both is holistic and mindful. To connect with Areli, please email at: psicommunityart@gmail.com. To view more of Areli’s art, visit the Positive Signs Initiative.

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