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Supporting Disability Parent During Family Caregiver Month 2023

November marks the beginning of Family Caregiver Awareness Month, also known as National Family Caregivers Month, which was officially proclaimed by former President Bill Clinton in 1997 to honor those whose essential labor often goes unseen. During this month, we observe and highlight the sacrifices and efforts of family caregivers, in and out of the workplace, emotionally, physically, and financially for families living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, invisible disabilities, and more. We would like to spread awareness about caregivers and shed light on how better to support disability parenting in the workplace. 

The Importance of Family Caregivers

Family caregivers play a pivotal role in our society, providing essential support and care to loved ones who are aging, ill, or living with disabilities. Their dedication and sacrifice often go unnoticed, yet their impact is immeasurable. Family caregivers not only ensure the well-being and comfort of those they care for, but also reduce the burden on healthcare systems and institutions. Their role is multifaceted, encompassing physical, emotional, and logistical care, and it often comes with significant challenges and sacrifices including overwhelming burnout. Recognizing the importance of family caregivers is critical for ensuring that they receive the support, resources, and appreciation they deserve as they navigate the complex and often demanding role of caregiving.

What is Disability Parenting?

Disability parenting refers to the experience of raising and caring for a child with disabilities. It involves the unique challenges, responsibilities, and joys that come with providing physical, emotional, and often medical support to a child who has one or more disabilities. Disability parenting encompasses a wide range of conditions and disabilities, including but not limited to physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, neurodivergent disabilities, sensory impairments, and chronic health conditions.

10 Challenges Faced by Parents Raising Children with Disabilities

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