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One Of A Kind Coach built 1995 Alfa Romeo 75 Based Castagna Vittoria

The Castagna Vittoria has been showcased at the Car & Classic stand at Milano Autoclassica in Milan, Italy, from 17 to 19 November, providing enthusiasts and potential bidders an up-close look at one of the rarest Alfa Romeos in existence.

Dale Vinten, Car & Classic’s head of editorial, expresses the admiration for Alfa Romeo and highlights the exclusivity of the Castagna Vittoria, describing it as a splendid homage to a more daring and bespoke era of car design.

The auction of the 1995 Alfa Romeo Castagna Vittoria by Car & Classic is scheduled from 15 to 22 November, with an estimated auction price ranging between £125k and £135k. This unique vehicle stands as a symbol of Alfa Romeo’s allure and represents a bygone era of personalized and artistic car design.

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