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Motopia – The National Motor Museum At Beaulieu Exhibition Of Visionary Vehicles

The Motopia, Past Future Visions, special exhibit at the Beaulieu National Motor Museum has collected a group of technically advanced, visionary vehicles for their time.

The exhibit has been open a while but is going to run until April 2024 so there will be plenty of time to see it.

The aim is to look at automotive history over the last 30 years and how different generations have created different imaginative visions for motor vehicles and their powertrains.

The National Motor Museum’s Curator of Vehicles and Research says, “The exhibition illustrates how past generations have predicted the future of road transport and the urban environment. We are living in a period of great change, and this exhibition will open a discussion on what future decisions we need to make and how the past may influence them. The vehicles illustrate a century of alternative thinking in automotive design.”

It remids me of Cars: Accelerating the Modern World at the V&A back in 2020.

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