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6 Seats For 6 Characters On Board, The Unloved FIAT Multipla 6×6 At 25 Years Old

The first generation Mutipla was hailed as a groundbreaking design, a car of the future, so much so it got placed in the London Design Museum and in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York in 1999, the most famous art museum in the world.

The car was recognised for its innovative styling and technical solutions.

Giolito stated: “Today, there are youth organizations which love this object. It was so unusual compared to the other segments precisely because it represented a convivial lifestyle, being social, and being together. And so, there are clubs today which are looking for them and restoring them to their original specifications. There is a real movement underway which finds Multipla in line with the times. Perhaps they understand it even better now than people did back then, as the vehicle was too forward-thinking and innovative to be accepted.”

The poor Multipla didn’t have quite the following it should. What is actually a brilliant piece of design wasn’t well received for one simple styling feature, those headlights. It was so good and innovative, that the first “3+3” seating configuration car was awarded the title of “Car of the Year” by Top Gear UK.

 However, things are starting to change with the car at last becoming collectable and recognised as the brilliant piece of design that it was, and still is. Giolito explains this further in the video below.

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